Dead Space Remake Reportedly Runs Faster on NVIDIA GPUs with Manual Activation of ReBAR

It seems like the Dead Space remake can run up to 35 frames per second faster on NVIDIA GPUs after the manual activation of the Resizable BAR feature.

The report originated from Reddit user sxKYLE, who tested the game on his PC (powered by GeForce RTX 4080 and Intel i7 9700K) at 3440x1440 with max settings after manually enabling ReBAR and noticed a massive performance boost.



The Reddit post immediately gained a lot of traction, with users wondering why NVIDIA doesn't just enable ReBAR for all games. The answer came swiftly, thanks to NVIDIA rep pidge2k.

It is not so straightforward. We test games across multiple levels and across each new build of a game before release. So while some users may see a bump in performance in one level/map, if you try a different level/map, the game assets might be quite different and users may not benefit as much or, worse, experience a regression in FPS/frame times.

As for the Dead Space remake, we are still testing ReBAR performance, so there is a chance we may enable it in a future driver.

Resizable BAR was introduced by NVIDIA in January 2021 as a response to AMD's Smart Access Memory. If you wish to enable the feature in the Dead Space remake or any other game, you can follow our guide on using the NVIDIA Inspector tool for this purpose.

In other news, EA Motive recently released a patch that lets Dead Space PC players disable Variable Rate Shading when using NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR, improving the game's image quality. However, the developers still haven't addressed the pervasive stuttering problems.